Notebook 48 Pg 91

  • Ounce and inch come from uncia
  • Kanaka
  • Round city with four axis
  • Golden Palace
  • Paper
  • Bait al-Hikma
  • House of Wisdom
  • Al-Khwarizmi
  • Contracts dates of delivery
  • Inventories + accounting records
  • Dies mensis

Ounce and inch come from uncia
Well, what can I say? I like knowing stuff like this

Is of course a name for a native of Hawaii, quite why that is here I do not know. I think have phonetically misspelt something.

Round city with four axis 
No idea, there is a four axis car audio and entertainment company in Redditch but that's a bit random even for me as Crown Prince of Randomania

Golden Palace
This could be anything from a ancient citadel to a Chinese take-away.

What a useful bit of note taking.

Bait al-Hikma: House of Wisdom
Oh yeah! That's more like it. Useful note taking. I want to go here

Main contender for smartest cookie in/on the box/planet at the time. Without him there would quite literally not be nothing.

Contracts dates of delivery, Inventories + accounting records
All these very very useful though not particularly glamorous things exist because of him

Dies mensis
Alas all I can find is some kind of Latin reference to death by menstrual cycle, which can't be right can it?

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