Notebook 48 Pg 190

  • Tessellations - square four
  • Omadhaun - Fool
  • Eirenicon - peace
  • Dodeka
  • Verbicide - destroyer of words
  • Ventripotent - large bellied
  • Ferociously Veracious and veraciously ferocious 
  • Advertising = vermiculation of language through incessant verbicide
  • Vade Mecum = Go with me

Tessellations - square four
Isn't tessellation some kind of mosaic patchwork thingy?  I know I am all for a new hobby but I think this one was a nine minute wonder

 Omadhaun - Fool
An Irish alternative word for a big eejit

Eirenicon - peace
Eirenicon is a proposition that attempts to resolve two conflicting viewpoints. I like this a lot

As in having twelve - like a Dodecahedron, I am guessing this is all about Humanichs

Verbicide = destroyer of words
I like this word a lot

Ventripotent = large bellied
Alas this is to my infinite regret something I have found myself becoming since quitting smoking

Ferociously veracious and veraciously ferocious 
Veracious means to habitually tell the truth, so to be a bit veracious I am a little bit chuffed with my own phraseology here.

Advertising = vermiculation of language through incessant verbicide
Okay 'vermiculation means worm eaten and I would love to think but alas doubt that I invented this phrase.

Vade Mecum = Go with me
A useful bit of Latin  used to describe a handbook. I may have been referring to a book on Humanichs which most people will eventually carry around with them everywhere - in my world, obviously.

Looking at the above I think I may have been stuck in a room with a dictionary with all the letters torn out except for V

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