Notebook 06 Pg 94

The Notes
  • Powered entirely by the force of his own smugness
  • Radioactive pound shop
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
  • No Irish Egyptians
  • Contrafibularities
  • Real people's as Ian
  • Very few people are pro-cancer
The Commentary 

Powered entirely by the force of his own smugness
A good line and thus without a doubt purloined from somewhere other than the interior of me.
I am only worried that by using it I end up embodying the very smugness I am hoping to highlight.
I think definitions are fairly dependent on your POV at the time; If you fancy someone they are self-confident, if you are not sure you fancy them then they are a bit cocky and if you don't fancy them then they are an arrogant arsehole.

Radioactive pound shop
I have lost sight of where I was going with this. For now I would say probably best avoiding it as a retail outlet. Having all your hair fall out in return for paying a quid for a big bag of out of date Maltesers is a good indication that you may want to do some work on your decision making skills.

Pain is inevitable suffering is optional
I can't quite remember who said this. It may have been a venerable Zen monk, but Buddhists  are not one's to dismiss the existence of suffering with quite such self-confident / arrogant arseholedness.
I have vague recall of someone with biceps running to bulge, sunglasses and a great regard for his own whispery delivery of half-baked poppycock stolen from every Little Book Of...ever written.

No Irish Egyptians
The only way I can make any sense of this is if I was thinking (ruminating like a grass intolerant cow) were there any Irish Egyptians?  I'm sure there are some citizens of the world who take great pride that their DNA combines the heritage of two of the worlds most buildery peoples.

I knew using this word was interfrastically risky as such pericombulations would leave you feeling a liitle anaspeptic and frasmotic if not entirely compunctous.

Real people's as Ian
Baffled I can only mark this as another episode of my child like tumblings down the un-safety gated staircase into madness.

Very few people are pro-cancer 
A quote culled from The Little Book of The Blatantly Obvious.

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