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At sixteen I began to keep note books partly to off-set my atrocious memory and partly because I had notions of one day being a proper writer...one day.

Back then I possessed a hopelessly quaint idealism and so I put in a still vaguely adhered to guideline that I would try and filter what I wrote so it would only contain the optimistic and the insightful. Quotes, ideas, observations from philosophy,films, friends, books, TV, magazines, newspapers, toilet walls, anything that struck me as smart, funny or even better both.

Now truth be told a percentage of these books have been mentally spoiled by my former difficult relationship with alcohol.The occasional entry now reads like I was sitting next to (or more probably being) the eye rolling, monotone pissed bore who's determined to make their point regardless of its glaring obviousness and/or utter meaningless.

Now I have a big stack of notebooks crammed with writings on just about everything I have ever found even remotely interesting. Unfortunately this is no guarantee that you will also.

So every day I open a note book at random and try to write 500 words about what I have written there in.

The results will invariably be mixed. I hope you enjoy and my sincere thanks for giving me your time.

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  1. Great Idea Vincent, I do hope you keep up the good work translating those note books. I am sitting a few feet away from two bags of notebooks, here, in my apartment that I was going to photograph and try to begin to replicate, my books have dreams, poetry and just random stuff copied from books I like, I did this until I got my first computer in 2004.
    Seeing this blog you have made is an inspiration, that coincidently has come just at the moment I have thought about doing a similar activity with my notebooks. Thanks Vincent. Peace and write on....