Notebook 26 Pg 12

-The Notes-

  • Inkhorn (AP)
  • YNKe HorNE
  • Phantasticall
  • Watch Battery, Cream paint, Thank You card
  • IGNORAMUS='We do not know'
  • Horse Sense
  • savvy - SABE USTED
  • half inch - 1673
  • water company, bread
  • Flint Michigan

-The Commentary-

Inkhorn (AP)

Now I know I use AP to stand for Action Point - but quite what I was supposed to be actioning around the the word inkhorn and its original spelling I have no recollection.


This just sounds like a might be interesting word to use at some point, though I haven't yet.

Watch battery, Cream paint, Thank you card

I'm assuming is not a genius haiku catching the spirit of mundanity but is just a shopping list.

IGNORAMUS 'we do not know'

I can remember that this is the meaning of ignoramus and I thought if I was ever to call someone an ignoramus I should at least know what ignoramus meant when using it otherwise I would be an ignoramus squared I think.

Horse Sens
Seem to remember this is an American form of 'good common sense'. Why horse?


Savvy is indeed short for sabe usted though note I never went and looked up what the heck SABE USTED means.

Half Inch - 1673

Hmm well maybe 1673 was the first time this rhyming slang expression for pinch was used but that's a guess which proves my notes are useless if every time I write something I then have to go and look up the thing I was taking notes about in the first place.

Water Company, bread
This may be another shopping list but I think I had to contact the water company as I'm sure I would have at least some memory of buying one.

Flint Michigan
Sorry, no idea.

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