Notebook 12 Pg 101

-The Notes-

  • Feared, frightened, financed, forgotten
  • Vicenance / Vinance
  • V=Split Up
  • CANS = Committe Against Noxious Stimuli
  • Despin Unspin
  • Verbal sword vencing
  • Argument monitoring
  • House
  • 101

-The Commentary-

Feared, frightened, financed, forgotten
A rage against the ruthless rapacious race for riches.
At least I'm guessing that was what I was trying to say in my own alliterative/illiterative way.

Vicenance / Vinance

Oh, hello Vince's massive ego! Its been pages since we last saw you.
Once more I appear to be attempting to coin-phrase myself into history.
Note to self, very few of Shakespeare's works contain lines like;
'My liege why for hast thou such a Shaketastic cast upon thy brow?'

V=Split Up
Is the V referring to me? Probably. Maybe I meant to write V= don't type anything so oblique that you can't understand it in a weeks time.

CANS = Committee Against Noxious Stimuli

I still think this would be an excellent idea for a group that wanted ultimately to have world domination. Noxious stimuli is biologically everything in Universe you do not like.
If you would like to be on the inside of this committee feel free to come along to one of our upbeat and positive CANS do's.

Despin Unspin

An attempt to spin the word spin - I guess I thought that adding despin to spin would reverse the spin and thus stop it. That was the plan and as you look around our bright shiny new world of candour, disambiguation and untrammeled honesty you can see it worked like a charm.
Come let us go lace daises in one another hair and call each other sister.

verbal sword vencing

I must have meant fencing surely? Unless..unless there's a secret sport you have been keeping from me! Is there? Is there?

Argument monitoring

On this dingbat planet this would be one very busy department.

Obviously decades before Hugh Laurie made it big I was prophicising his future triumph.

This had me absolutely stumped, until I realised it was the page number and I had written it in an hour ago...don't say anything, just don't.

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