Notebook 02 Pg 28

The Notes
  • Doctors see with their hands
  • Oxo, sherbet Pedigree Chum
  • If being Stuck in a swamp with Christine Hamilton and Anthony Warrell Thomson is 'reality' then I say pass me the mind altering drugs
  • Fe Fi Fo Fum I hear Chris Eubanks mobile phone
  • Nicking your mangle and having it resprayed
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Tap dancing code
  • Opera did happen
  • Freedom is not grad/gred/greed
The Commentary

Doctors see with their hands
After washing them thoroughly first we hope.

Oxo, sherbet, Pedigree Chum
You may not want to come round my house for dinner tonight.
I think this was something about brands that have been around for more than a century.

If being stuck in a swamp with Christine Hamilton and Antony Worrall Thomson is 'reality' then I say pass me the mind altering drugs
I believe this was during the first broadcast of that soul suckingly sad series. I stick to my original opinion on this one I'm afraid.

Fe Fi Fo Fum I hear Chris Eubanks mobile phone
A cheap swipe at Christopeher's speech pattern and thus unworthy of merit.
Though to slightly redeem myself I do remember that even though no one is quite sure where the whole 'fe fi fo fum' originates there is one great hypothesis that the expression is a linguistic relic from a time before any modern language existed. That it is a very, very, very old form of counting that got passed down from Mother to child. A great theory alas there is no evidence but it sounds cool.

Nicking your mangle and having it resprayed 
I think I heard this in response to someone putting forward the argument that in the  good old days people could leave their doors open without fear of being burgled. This above was used as part of the argument that this wasn't because people were nicer back then but that they had bugger all worth stealing. 

Leonardo Da Vinci
I'm pretty sure this was in relation to something.
Perhaps I wanted to unmask to the world that Leonardo Da Vinci kept notebooks and wrote from right to left in a so called mirror style; whereas a moments reflection   reveals that I write from left to right, keep notebooks, am called Vinc(e) and am a Leo. Hah! bloodline that Danny boy Brown!

Tap dancing code
Obviously the above revelation sent me spiraling into madness as I can't even begin to figure out what this might mean. Maybe Lionel Blair keeps the Holy Grail hidden inside an ancient Give Us a Clue script beneath an old glass coffee table guarded by the twin miming priestesses Goddard & Stubbs.

Opera did happen
Yep definitely booked meself a bargain break at a B&B in Bonkerville at this point.

Freedom is not grad/gred/greed
I can't actually read my own writing here but I am going to opt for greed in the hope that it returns me to some degree of  (all be it a bit preachy-pious) reality after the wittering ramblings above.

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