Notebook 46 Pg 10

  • Arch reader, Pro reader, 'reader, life reader
  • Bullet ants - Elgar
  • Harpe Eagle
  • Wandering Spider  18 x more black widow , exceptionally aggresive 1,000 per year Brazil
  • Old as Adams tree and as new as a new cut tooth
  • Melissa cork factory 
  • Onion Meat 
  • Free fleas for all
  • Trickpissers will be pairsecluded

Arch reader, Pro reader, 'reader, life reader
Other than 'this is something about reading' I have no idea what I was gabbling on about

Bullet ants - Elgar
Okay notes about the mean little Bullet ant I can understand, notes about the Elgar the great composer I can understand.  I have wracked and near ruined my brain trying to figure out what in heavens name could have made me write about the two of them in one note

Harpy Eagle
Guess this is this guy. Starting to think I was probably watching a natural history programme.

Wandering Spider.  18 x more Black widow, exceptionally aggressive. 1,000 per year Brazil.
See above - probably something with a title along the lines of 'Worlds most dangerous things that you are not going to encounter sitting on your arse watching this programme'

Old as Adams tree and as new as a new cut tooth
This is a quote from the great Orson Welles in his amazingly brilliant (unfortunately flawed by a familiar fatal famish of finance) film F for Fake - A glorious sample:


Melissa cork factory
I'm sure I know no one called Melissa and I know I have never been nor wanted to go to a cork factory. Who ever you may be woman from the wine bottle sealing / pin board material manufacturing plant I wish you luck

Onion meat  
The ultimate in pared down back to basic recipes? Actually probably some kind of skin/layers stripping away metaphor 

Free fleas for all
Sounds like a vote winner
Trickpissers will be pairsecluded
For once not my own brand of nonsense but a line for the monumental Finnegans Wake which I have been reading for over a decade and know that I will die not having unraveled all its myriad of mindmulching mysteries. Here's a rare clip of Jim reading a bit out loud:

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