Notebook 49 Pg 52

  • Mass intimacy
  • Sane Nation Experience
  • Biosymbosis
  • Quantology
  • Emotional incontinence
  • Simplexity
  • Truety/ Beuth
  • Bit unfurnished
  • Relightenment
  • Practopia

Mass intimacy
Okay, something I do know is that this is a very early notebook, proven by my determination to paradox myself into a round corner. I don't know quite what I was aiming for with mass intimacy other than a show of smart-arsedness. 

Sane Nation Experience
No idea, maybe they are playing Glastonbury this year.

Sounds like it could be a scientific term for shagging.

No idea - though I wrote this in the mid 90's prior to the large scale adoption of the Internet so I was
intrigued when a bit of web surfing turned up this. A site which anyone familiar with my staunch commitment to Occam's Razor will know I wouldn't go near with a ten foot magical barge pole made of Unicorns

Emotional incontinence
I would now reserve using this for those who express seemingly ersatz emotions to events or individuals they can not possible have anything other than basic human empathy for. This git is a prime example.

This is a far better explanation of simplexity than I can ever come up with.

Truety / beuth
Here is me trying (and failing with gusto) to solve in one just word the  Truth / Beauty conundrum that has preoccupied Humanity's finest minds for over three thousand years.
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." John Keats -Final lines of Ode to a Grecian Urn
Bit unfurnished
Maybe I was referring about my own mind.

This is an ever so post modern riff on the enlightenment and could be another name for what the era preceding Humanichs may be called.
Practical Utopia - an attempt to get round the Bertrand Russell observation that 'many is the man who would build a Utopia that they them self could not live within. This was another spur for what eventually has become Humanichs

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