Notebook 49 Pg 51

  • Baby Drops
  • Slightly wounded Penguins
  • The Good News is broken
  • Parachute in, Airlift Out, Bungee
  • Go in drop off money, go out again
  • Career for Diane's
  • Chain - lowest demon
  • I'm his social worker
  • Why are people never late for their quests or why no simple quests?
Baby Drops
Some kind of sweet/ candy perhaps?  Not sweets/ candy made from babies surely? Way too dark. 

Slightly wounded Penguin
If (and its a multi storey if) the above entry is related to confectionery then maybe I was referring to a broken one of these. 

The good news is broken
Okay, well I remember this as it is a phrase uttered by the Frenchiest woman I have ever worked with it was her unique and still somehow very elegant way of saying she had some bad news

Parachute in, airlift out, bungee
Known in the SAS as the Hokey Cokey Manoeuvre 

Go in, drop off money, go out again
I'm getting worried that in the past I may have been involved in some kind of international biscuit heist and have been brain washed to forget all about it

Career for Dianes
Perhaps I was trying to figure out what Dianes my glamorous (French?) accomplice would do after the heist.

Chain - lowest demon
The heist hypothesis comes undone here  unless we were daringly planning to do over the Devil's gaff.

I'm his social worker
This seems strangely non-sequiterish even for me - Unless I was attempting to smuggle my other (younger, don't really care if he's French or not) accomplice out of Hell after he failed to carry out my expressly written orders to chain the lowest demons 

Why are people never late for their quest? 
Ignores the small but vital fact that they very often are late as it all adds to the dramatic tension, not too late but often just in the nick of time late.

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