Notebook 07 Pg 29

The Notes

  • Keythong
  • 40,000BC
  • Heracles Cousin hydra
  • You only need two rocks to build on
  • Human Beliefers
  • Trying Pram + Cool
  • Middle preeza
  • Middlegintia = Good
The Commentary

Blimey, this is obscure even by my standards. Apparently there is one reference to a keythong in all of history. It pertains to a male griffin which is explanatory but not helpful. I know that griffins guard treasure but the only treasure I have is that big bag of gold buried under that big tree in that park in Central London I was telling you about.
I did spend a few years being babysat by a woman called Mrs Griffin who was lovely and garrulous but had a terrifying temper and the quietest Husband ever (maybe not by choice) ever. I suppose I could have been alluding to him as a keythong but that's a straw clutcher if ever I heard one.

Should be BCE if we were to be post-moderningly correct.
I think this probably relates to the first evidence for; crops/ domesticated animals/ wheels/ make-up/ the name Gerald. Usually does, obviously we were all very busy that year.

Heracles Cousin hydra
I must have been reading a book on ancient myths. I'm guessing I meant lolaus who was Hercules'  (Heracles') nephew and gave him a firebrand to help his Uncle kill the Hydra during his ten Labours.
I seem to recall that this act of semi-filial smarts was subsequently discounted by the gods as cheating so Herc had to go and do another two. Nice to know that even back then the powerful were determined to dump crappy sequels on us.

You only need two rocks to build on
How many times do I have to tell you?

Human Beliefers
For use when the perfectly proper word believer just will not do.

Trying Pram + Cool
This must be an observation garnered whilst preambulating around my native Camden Town and seeing lots of parents still clinging to the notion that pushing a pram is in no way at odds with the pursuit of epiderminaly shallow trendiness.  Well it is very at odds and as age changingly effective as a five year old tottering around in mum's beads and heels*.

Middle preeza
No idea and no interest in trying to find out, probably because I am still smarting a bit from above rant.

Middlegintia = Good
A conflation of Middle class and intelligentsia perhaps?  This idea would never hold water in my neck of the European woods where one of the most clever things clever people do is keep quiet about their  cleverness.

 *I only did it six or seven times at most

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