Notebook 41 Pg 27

The Notes
  • 0.000000000000000000000000000000001cm = Planck Distance
  • Workable ideas are the source of all wealth
  • Art maps, science manipulates
  • Brittle or Ductile
  • Those who rule symbols rule us
  • Life always aims at higher coherence
  • Mind made. A mind made everything you own
The Commentary

0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000001cm = Planck Distance
This number represents the smallest known distance from one thing to another.
It is 10,00000000000000000000 times smaller than a proton. I have spent not inconsiderable amounts of time attempting to understand the teeny-weeny, wibbly-wobbly, often-close-to-complete-bolloxy world of quantum. So imagine my delight upon this morning finding out that the above number may have 'no physical significance' at all.

Workable ideas are the source of all wealth
My Uncle Bob taught me this by way of his Uncle Bucky.
Like most greats sayings the more you chew on it the more flavour it releases into your brain.

Art maps, science manipulates
As good a distinction as I've ever found.

Brittle or Ductile
Most stuff tends to fall into either of these characteristics: if it is brittle it will first crack and eventually snap leaving you with two or more distinct bits. These should, with a bit of care fit back together though you may always be aware of the join.
If the stuff is ductile then it will warp and stretch (like chewing gum) before breaking.  It will probably not return to its original shape. On the other hand you may be able to mold and form it into something usable. These definitions also apply to non physical things like ideas and relationships.

Those who rule symbols rule us
I am sorely tempted to insert a load of those Dingbat thingies in here just to drop some facetiousness into an entry inclined to worthiness.  These will do -  :-), :-(, :-0 etc.  

Life always aims at higher coherence
This is true. Your thing which you are using to read this thing which I have made via my thing which is now connected to over a billions other of these things is all part of that higher coherence.
We tend to have difficulty seeing it in the same way a long line of ants walking up a tree can't see the whole forest.  I just know that if that metaphor were real I'd be an Attenborough Ant; tasked with lugging the great big bit of leaf on his own despite being surrounded by thousands of empty mandibled mates.

Mind made. A mind made everything you own
Again another saying courtesy of Uncle Bob and one that means a lot if you chew on it a bit.

Right lesson over, you may go out side and play Bulldog or I suppose its Pop Idol now. Off you go.


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