Notebook 09 Pg 10

The Notebook
  • 1/4/08 Regents Park bench
  • Handful of dirt-drill ice core Argos catalogue tacky shit
  • Pediatric heart surgeon whose greatest passion is flying
  • Alex Jennings Voice
  • What's a gummeltwizzler
  • Speed of brain
  • Peter Souter Goldfish Girl
  • Submarine horror story
  • Invisible hand' only used three times Scottish metaphor for providence
The Commentary

01/4/08 Regents Park bench
You would think that as this notebook was written less than two years ago I would have a better recall of events, alas no. I have marked for posterity where and when but not why. What a fool I was that day. 

Handful of dirt-drill ice core Argos Catalogue tacky shit
Let us join together and pray to St Turing and the holy Enigma to guide us in this, our hour of most mysterious dross. This had to be two separate entries doesn't it?  Argos does indeed sell a lot of tacky shit but doesn't as far as I'm aware sell many dirt drills for ice cores.

Pediatric heart surgeon whose greatest passion is flying
If you are a man this is supposed to be the best thing to be if you hope to succeed in speed dating

Alex Jennings Voice
An actor heard somewhere - has a very hypnotic quality. I am feeling a bit sleepy typ....zzzzz

What's a gummeltwizzler?
I have no idea and  t'internets has come up a blank. Feel free to enlighten me.

Speed of brain
I have put three points on my mind license for failing to stop and report a notion.

Peter Souter Goldfish Girl
I remember this was an excellent radio play on BBC R4 - I found the below on the Telegraph website - hence I guess the Alex Jennings reference previously

"Afternoon Play: Goldfish Girl
Radio 4, 2.15pm
A bold, striking, beautiful play about love and loss, one in the eye for the moaners who write to Feedback about the plays on afternoon theatre driving them nuts. It’s by Peter Souter and stars Juliet Stevenson as a young woman, bright, engaging, perceptive, who’s in hospital. A man, played by Alex Jennings, comes to see her. He knows her but she doesn’t recognise him. Her attention span is as short as that of a goldfish, her memory has gone. His hasn’t and what it holds is painful. "

I can't remember now why I was so fascinated in a play about a person with memory problems.

Submarine horror story
Without wishing to morph into a review website, I think I was talking about this film titled 'Below' which actually sounds quite good. I might watch it, thanks for the tip two-years-ago me.
Invisible hand' only used three times. Was a Scottish metaphor for providence.
This is in reference to Adam Smith and his seminal work The Wealth of Nations in which the now pan-global idiom for forces of the free market 'invisible hand' was only ever used three times in the whole book. This may or may not be of any significance whatsoever.

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