Notebook 42 Pg 61

 The Notes
  • DAO
  • You are four people; who you were, are and could be (will be?)
  • House of the rising Sun
  • Desticular
  • Bulbous
  • 'He's got a bottle of instant orgy'  'Yeah but why the nylon knickers?'
  • 'If you're a bald gay dog I'm right up there'
  • Scroll holding midgets
The Commentary

If I confessed an interest in comparative religions should I set up a website called Comparethemartyr.com? Sorry.  I am at a loss as to why I wrote the single word Dao. I am assuming it is the great spiritual tradition I wss alluding to and not the acronym for Dead On Arrival in which case maybe I was prophesising the fate of the comparethemartyr joke. 

You are four people; who you were, are and could be (will be?)
This is a short riffed/ mangled version on the quote that a person is always three people: who they think they are, how they think other people see them and how other people actually see them.
In retrospect the original is so much better than mine

House of the rising Sun
This song may be a recurring feature in my notes mostly because of an anecdote I have about having a fight with a boy called Stefan who was Jimi Hendrix's Manager's son (Chaz Chandler from the Animals) who then came round my house for a cup of tea with my dad, Mr Chandler did, not his son or Hendrix. I'll spare you.

Hmm? Desticular is not a real word, though sounds like it should be; alluding to removal of manhood perhaps, or a fancy term for cutting the complete bollocks from a thing; for example an over explanatory document or blog entry.

No context just a great word 

'He's got a bottle of instant orgy'
'Yeah but why the nylon knickers
I guess you had to be there, not sure I was.

'If you're a bald gay dog I'm right up there'

See above.

'Scroll holding midgets'
I must have dreamt this as it would be a fairly rare sight in reality. Saying that though, if you want to recreate the dream this site  may help though to avoid disappointment I'd probably avoid bookings around March 17th.

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